Construction management

Construction and eksploatating

To meet the needs of customers, our company provides a wide range of services, which include not only the design of power facilities, but also construction and operation. With the help of experienced specialists working in the JSC Power network institute, not only the variety of services provided, but also their high quality is ensured.

Construction of power facilities and construction management

Consultations of qualified specialists and facility management help clients avoid mistakes, save money and help them get a quality product. Our company performs all work on the design of electric power facilities, manages the construction of the facility, carries out maintenance and all works regulated by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania (or the country of the Customer) during construction.

Construction and operation of electric power industry facilities

Certificates of the State Energy Inspectorate (VEI) grant the right of enterprises to operate electrical equipment. Companies with VEI certificates can conclude contracts for the operation of electrical equipment for all companies seeking to maintain the stability and reliability of their activities in the field of electricity. At such enterprises, maintenance of electric power equipment is improving.

Our company provides the following services for maintenance of electrical facilities:

  • We carry out maintenance and repair of the main electrical equipment with a voltage of 0.4-330 kV, relay protection and automation, monitoring and control systems, data collection and transmission systems;
  • We carry out technical consultations on modernization, reconstruction, automation of equipment for transmission and distribution of electric power, relay protection and automation, control and monitoring systems, efficient use of electrical equipment, reduction of electrical losses;
  • We carry out a full range of works on designing, construction, commissioning and commissioning of 0.4-400 kV lines and substations for enterprises;
  • Conclude contracts with companies for the maintenance of modernized and updated distribution electrical equipment for further operation;
  • We perform measurements to determine the quality of electricity and develop recommendations for improving the quality.
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